Friday, August 1st, 2014

Food Combinations To Lose Weight


To lose weight you may not have the luxury of eating everything that comes your way. You may need to selectively choose the best combinations of fat burning foods that will promote your overall health while losing weight.

These food combinations should also give you a balanced diet, which simply means you need to consume foods enriched with carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and minerals in the right proportions.

Combining the right foods can ensure that your body’s metabolism is not inhibited and also you do not compromise on your weight-loss goals.

In addition, you will reduce instances where you may experience dehydration, bloating or feeling gassy all the time. Some foods may lead to your digestive tract not functioning properly and you’ll end up with poor health and fatigue, which may make your weight-loss goals fruitless.

Some ideas to use for food combination include the following:

1. If you are consuming proteins in your meal i.e. meat, poultry, fish, or eggs you may want to avoid combining these with foods that are enriched with starch e.g. grains and potatoes.
This is because the two components may create conflict in your stomach that could lead to poor digestion.

To maximize your weight loss goals you may want to combine proteins with leafy vegetables, which digest well regardless of the PH environment of the stomach. Before you choose the vegetables to consume ensure that the vegetables do not contain starch either.

Failure to which your meal can comfortably settle in your stomach or travel slowly through the digestive system without much digestion happening, will likely not lead to weight loss since fat deposits could occur. So instead of losing weight one may experience weight gain instead.

2. Fruits which are digested rapidly and are essential as they provide vitamins and minerals.
Including them in your weight-loss diet is ideal to obtaining these nutrients. When consuming fruits, you may want to do so when your stomach is empty and without any other foods as an accompaniment.

Unsweetened fruits may be best to add to your diet since they not only hydrate your body but also keep the digestive system cleansed. Sour fruit juices from lemon and lime may be consumed with proteins to enhance digestion.

3. If you have a starchy meal that includes grains, starchy vegetables or potatoes ensure that you combine with non-starchy vegetables.
Giving your body a break between meals and dessert can be of great help. After having your main course, you may want to wait for half an hour or so before having your dessert. This can give your body time to adjust its metabolism rate before more food is deposited in the stomach.

4. Fats and oils can either keep you healthy or act as a culprit to weight gain.
Organic or virgin oils can be combined with starchy or non-starchy foods. Nevertheless, when cooking you should avoid using too much oil or adding fatty dressing to your meals. Keep in mind that fats take long to digest in the stomach.

The best approach is to avoid combining foods that will create a neutral PH (alkaline and acidity levels) environment in the stomach. The guidelines above may prove worthwhile when choosing the best food combinations for fat burning foods that should work well towards helping you lose excess weight.


2 Responses to “Food Combinations To Lose Weight”
  1. Castro says:

    Superb wording as well as nice blog site.

  2. Tilly says:

    Milk fat is the part of the milk that contains the most pectitsides, other nasty things, and hormones.In Scriptures the Israelites were told by YHWH not to eat the fat of the animals they slaughtered. Look how many problems animal fat causes for health. You don’t have to eliminate good oils (Scriptures is big on olive oil for example) just eliminate transfatty acids and aninmal based ones. MHO.